Follow me on insta if u want. Name: liberadejavu


Follow me on insta if u want. Name: liberadejavu

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I can never hate you, only love you, but I don’t have the patiences to be thinking of you. Cite Arrow Iman H
Girl lingo.

Fine - this is the word women use to end an argument when she knows shes right and you need to shut up.  

Nothing - means something and you should be worried.    

Go ahead - this is a dare, not permission, do not do it.  

Whatever - a womens way of saying screw you.        

Thats okay - she is thinking long and hard of how you will pay for your mistake.  

I don’t care - she cares, she just things your an idiot for not understanding.

Hanging up - you should call back, your fucking up.

"It doesn’t bother me" - Complimenting on how other girls look, look we get you’ll be attracted to other females but we don’t care who you thinks pretty your eyes on us should be enough, besides were not telling you how hot that tall riped guy from the beach with colored eyes and a great smile is, and lets face it your not him.

Bonus word: wow- this is not a compliment. She’s amazed that one person can be so stupid.

Main thing - If a girl explains how she feels and you still don’t get it and she try’s to let you go you better not let her go because one day she just might.